Associate (coming soon)

Associate level roles are compensated a fixed amount based on projects, and qualify for commissions. Currently we are not accepting associate applications at this time.


Partners manage specific “Products & Services” available from Bootstrap Digital Group. If you are an independent contractor or small business looking for more digital leads, click here to learn more and apply. Bootstrap is actively looking for partners, see above for more details and how to apply.

Director (locked)

Directors manage Bootstrap Digital Group and qualify for the yearly dividend. Requires associate or partner as a prerequisite.

What else do I hope to happen by starting Bootstrap Digital Group?

  • I hope this is a chance to reconnect with old colleagues I really enjoyed working with, respected, and trusted. 
  • I hope we can provide more business to colleagues who partner with us. 
  • I hope we continue getting positive testimonials and reviews by delighting customers with exceptional services and results. 
  • I hope that our specialties grow so we can take on more complex projects.