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Not all websites are created equal. To the untrained eye, a website might look professional and well designed, but how do you know if it’s getting any visits or leads? You could say the design is just the tip of the digital iceberg. For example, does the website have a responsive design and is it optimized for mobile? If not, then Google will penalize the site’s search rank. Other factors include the site tags, content, links, and SEO descriptions. If any of these factors are ignored, you could be sabotaging your website and giving your competitors a big advantage.

Why use Bootstrap Digital Group?

Bootstrap Digital Group has made dozens of websites from both templates and from scratch. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. We have learned from experience how to set up effective business websites that convert traffic to leads. We have also learned you don’t just create a website and hand it off. Websites need time to grow, and it is imperative to learn how users interact with the website. By using free tools like Google analytics and Search console, we can observe over time what the strengths of a website are, and what needs to be improved. We use other tools to observe how well competitor sites do, so we know the potential size of the market. We even use performance tools like Google page speed to make sure your website is quick and responsive. And since we come from a security background, we build security into our websites from the ground up. We partner with our customers to grow their business not just through their website but also through social media channels and links. Whether you need a new website, or if you have a website that just isn’t producing results, Bootstrap Digital Group has you covered and is ready to partner with you to make your online business successful.

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