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Business owners need to know an array of details about their market. For example, how big is your target audience? Do you know how many visitors your site is receiving? Do you know the best way to spend your marketing dollars? What are your customers searching for and what competitors are they visiting? At the same time, it’s not worth your time and effort to figure this out when you can partner with Bootstrap Digital Group and we will answer these questions and manage your whole social presence for you. Not only will you notice more interested prospects, we know how to use free tools like Google analytics to measure exactly what promotions are most effective. Still not sure? Remember to take a look at our customer reviews and then contact us for more details.


Websites used to be one size fits all, which worked until smartphones came to be. At first mobile phones clumsily accommodated websites, but then that changed when responsive design entered the picture. Watch the video below to learn more about responsive, mobile enabled websites.

Now that mobile traffic is the predominant source, Google has started taking note of websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Google will reduce your page rank if your website isn’t mobile enabled. Let Bootstrap Digital Group make your existing site become mobile enabled, unlocking the full potential.

In addition, our sites have several modern features already built in. For example, our sites come shopping cart support ready for any products you sell. We also support Google analytics, which is a way to see the visitors coming to your site. Finally, we send a monthly performance report so you can keep tabs on your site’s performance. Contact us for more details.

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