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Bootstrap Digital Group has several services to help manage your company’s online storefront. We offer businesses help with website creation, hosting, and security. Click each service to learn more, or visit our Products & Services Pages.

Digital Marketing

Business owners need to know an array of details about their market. For example, how big is your target audience? Do you know how many visitors your site is receiving? Do you know the best way to spend your marketing dollars? What are your customers searching for and what competitors are they visiting? Learn more about Bootstrap Digital Group Digital Marketing services .


Websites used to be one size fits all, which worked until smartphones came to be. At first mobile phones clumsily accommodated websites, but then that changed when responsive design entered the picture. Watch the video below to learn more about responsive, mobile enabled websites.  Learn more and watch a short video on the Bootstrap Digital Group Design services page.


Whether you let Bootstrap Digital Group create your site, or even if you already have a site, Bootstrap Digital Group can help you host and maintain it. Our servers average over 99.9% uptime so you know your site will always be available and secured. In addition, Bootstrap Digital Group now provides additional monthly services like Facebook marketing promotions, Facebook and Google ads, local awareness, nightly backups, and much more.  Learn more about Bootstrap Digital Group Hosting packages.

Website Development

Not all websites are created equal.  A website might look professional and well designed, but how do you know if it’s getting any visits or leads?  You could say the design is just the tip of the digital iceberg.  Learn more about what goes into making a great website on our Bootstrap Digital Group Website Development page.


Bootstrap Digital Group has a new Customer Relationship Management tool called CakeBoot.  CakeBoot is a secure framework for managing your customer and order database.  Learn more about CakeBoot beta on the Bootstrap Digital Group Software page.


Can you confidently tell your customers their information is secure? One way to know is if your site uses Secure Socket Layer.  Bootstrap Digital Group can assess your site’s security and help if you need SSL installed.  Watch a video about security and learn more about Bootstrap Digital Group Security services.

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