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Businesses have a lot of options for managing their online presence today. It goes beyond creating a nice website and a few positive reviews. Businesses need to be smarter than the competition or the prospects won’t find you first – or at all. At Bootstrap Digital Group, we create exceptional web experiences and we wanted to share a little of the Bootstrap creative process.

When we first started, we used a painstaking customer review process to sort out what needed to change, or where something needed to go. It was time-consuming and not fast enough for customer expectations. You can see an example below, imagine creating these for every page or widget you want to change.
It’s slow and time-consuming to create screenshots for every change I want to make – isn’t there an easier way?

We also track requests using simple lists that are secured within our network or on a cloud platform like Google cloud or Slack. Below is an example of one of our punch lists for a customer – notice everything is crossed out because it was completed.
Stories and punch items for a Bootstrap Digital Group customer. This is handy for tracking simple features and requests.

Now this is my preferred current feedback method. We used this method to help develop the new version of the Bootstrap Digital Group site and found it much faster. Once I was comfortable doing Apple Quicktime screen recordings and narrating the desired changes, the process definitely sped up. Upload the video to YouTube as “unlisted” and then it’s easy to share your feedback with anyone in the world. Here’s a quick narration I did recently, contact us for your next project today.

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