If you don’t know what you love about your job, find a new career

When I have free time, I enjoy learning about new products & technologies. TikTok is such a cool new experience, everyone should give it a try to see if you find content that resonates with you. I follow a few businesses and pseudo celebrities, and one video I wanted to share comes from @attorneytom. Now, I’m not an attorney, but I love following @attorneytom because of his work ethic, his passion for clients, and his growing business he shares with his viewers on TikTok. This particular video spoke to me:

Wish I could take the ride with @attorneytom to hear the story behind this $364K check


We have learned that when your work leads to something you can take pride in, something that makes you feel accomplished, then you’re one of the lucky ones that never has to feel the burden of going to work. For me, I love delighting customers with new experiences and products – and my joy is crediting the team who helped make it happen and watching them grow. Sure, some days I’m not as energized to tackle all my tasks. But it’s my joy that weathers the storms and keeps me slogging through.

If you don’t have moments during your time working where you appreciate the fruits of your labor, then you need stop spending your time escaping your life and start spending your time finding your life. Comment below if you can appreciate.

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