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The Short Circuit Repair Customer and Order management solution is a web app based on Cake, meant to replace the customer’s original customer & order solution which was based on File Maker. By reverse engineering a sample database backup, we have created a new solution to replace File Maker, and improve on it.

Customers will submit orders to Short Circuit Repair just like always, but now orders will automatically get assigned to existing customers or dealers. Technicians will see all the same order and customer details, but now in a browser friendly, mobile ready interface. In addition, some activities like sending customer information to Speed Ship have been automated. Best of all, your legacy customer records have been migrated and imported into the new system. Finally, we will keep your legacy system archived and secured in case we ever need it in the future.

Cake, the solution platform, is a secure framework that can be modified and expanded in the future. Once a customer submits a request, it is encrypted and only visible within the management system. Company employees can access records only after providing a valid username and password. Cake is a trusted open source solution, and requires no licensing or ongoing maintenance costs.


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Submitting new orders on

  1. Prospects navigate to the page.
  2. Select “Customer” or “Dealer”.
  3. Enter “Contact” information in Customer Profile Details section or Dealership Profile Details section.
  4. Customer “Day phone” entry or Dealer “Dealer Main phone” values used to match existing customer or dealer record.
  5. Enter “Vehicle details” in the Vehicle Details section.
  6. Enter shipping preference in the “Shipping Preferences” section. Note shipping rates can be set in the admin view.
  7. Enter details about the problem your vehicle radio has. Checkboxes and free text are available to use. I am not a Robot treatment used to eliminate spam and sales requests.
  8. Submit. User is provided a unique “Order number” to track their request. Customers can furthermore print out the PDF and use it as a packing slip when shipping their units in for repair. Short Circuit employees and use the bar codes or “Order number” to quickly find the customer record in the system.


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Logging into the Short Circuit Repair management system

ShortCircuitRepair admin login
Login to the Short Circuit Repair admin panel
  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your provided “username” and “password” to login.
  3. Use “Lost password?” to send a reset password message to your email.


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Viewing and managing new orders

  1. To view “New orders” navigate to:
  2. Order are listed by “Created” date. Click “Created” to sort by oldest records first. Click the other column labels to sort by that column.
  3. If you receive a phone or walk in NEW customer and need to create a new order, you can use the page, or you can use the “New Order” on Order, Dealer, and Customer admin pages.
  4. If you receive a phone or walk in EXISTING customer and need to create a new order, you can use the page and use the existing customer or dealers main phone number, or you can click the + icon in the “Action” column on an existing Customer or Dealer to “Create Order” for that Dealer or Customer.


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Reassigning orders to other existing Customers or Dealers

  1. From any “Order” list page, you can click the “scope” icon in the “Action” column on any existing “Order” to bring up the “Assign order” page.
  2. Select if you want to assign to a “Dealer” or “Customer”.
  3. Select the result from the list to use or use “Search” to narrow down the list, and then select the desired result.
  4. “Reset” will reload the page and filters without re-assigning anything.


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Managing Dealers and Customers

  1. To create a new Dealer or Customer, create a new order and use a “dealer main phone” or “customer day phone” not already in use.
  2. To remove a Dealer or Customer TBD


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Completion date and Payment status

  1. Select an order and click “Go to invoice” or you can click the “pencil” icon in the “Action” column on any existing “Order” to bring up the “Order invoice” page
  2. Enter the “Completion date” when the order is complete.
  3. Change the “Payment status” to either “Complete, paid” or “Complete, unpaid”.
  4. Click “Submit” to save changes.
  5. Update completion date and payment status first before using “Generate invoice” or else your changes could get lost.


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Creating an invoice

  1. When viewing an Order, once the order is ready, click the “Go to invoice” button to create an invoice.
  2. Select the “Parts & services” to add to the invoice and click “Merge into invoice”.
  3. To create a new Part or service click the “Add New” button, enter the name, and click Add. Now the Part of service is shown in the list to select and the “Merge into invoice”.
  4. To add “Nature of problems” to the invoice click “Add problem”. Problems are manually entered and unique to orders.
  5. To add “Labor, frequent” use the first invoice entry. If you need to add more frequently used labor, click “Add dropdown”.
  6. To add “Labor, free text” click the “Add free text” button.
  7. If you make a mistake, you can click the “x” in the “Remove” column to remove the item.
  8. Update the “Quantity” and “Price” for each line item, then click “Calculate”. Don’t worry if $ doesn’t show, they show up on the PDF printout.
  9. If the numbers are correct, click “Generate invoice” which should now be available to click. Confirm “OK” you want to generate an invoice.
  10. Next you can view the generated invoice in a new browser tab by confirming “OK” or you can cancel to go back to the main “Orders” page. You can print the invoice from the new tab.
  11. Be sure you have the correct “Payment status” status set for the order before generating the invoice, otherwise you will need to re-generate the invoice after the correct payment status is set.


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Shipping integration

  1. After generating and invoice and ensuring all the customer shipping info in accurate, click “Create shipping” from the edit order page.
  2. Client shipping information automatically added TBD.


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Past due collections


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Updating lists


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New Features and Updates:


SCR_story33: I can remove a “nature of problem” item from the edit invoice view
SCR_story34: I can create/edit a picklist of “nature of problem” items and Mark can either select and add to invoice, or he can edit a new free text
SCR_story38: Add “shipping” to invoice “view” as well as create/edit view


SCR_1: Shipping info is not showing up on invoice generated.
SCR_2: Shipping info should show up in the edit invoice screen so Mark can see the total before generating the invoice.
SCR_3: Once an invoice is generated the fa-download button should turn green and I should be able to download the invoice. It isn’t turning green and I can’t access the invoice again (used to work, bug)
SCR_4: On the edit invoice screen, if I change the Completion date or payment status and “submit”, don’t navigate away from the page – stay on the page and provide a confirmation info was saved
SCR_5: On /orders view, add ability to search by “phone” and by “email”
SCR_story35: Add a new field labeled “Shipping tracking info” to the “Shipping method” view. Mark can update the shipping tracking code here and click “update shipping” to save.
SCR_story37: Add “shipping” as an invoice line item between “repair labor” and “total”


SCR_story14: Mark can intermittently “Save” invoice labor and progress
SCR_story20: Use a toolbar, not stacked menus. Move “Payment” and “Status” into a new Order view toolbar section called “Payment”. Move Invoice section into a new Order view toolbar section called “Invoice”
SCR_story10: Add “walk in” as a shipping option for walk in orders


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